Proverbs 16:9 “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”

There are many dates we hold close to our hearts. Some dates bring memories of joy while others bring feelings of pain and suffering. We remember the day we got married, the day our children were born, and the days we lost family and friends. Over the last few years, several dates have had an impact:

4/18/17: We had a four hour interview with Africa Inland Mission.  We shared God’s call on our life and most of our life history. At the end, Kristi invited our family to attend Connect Week.

7/30/17-8/5/17: During Connect Week, we learned more about what God has been doing through Africa Inland Mission since 1895.  We met individuals and families who were also taking this next step in the process and learned more about life and ministry in Africa.  

8/3/17: The Scheirer family was appointed to serve as missionaries with AIM!  We finished Connect Week excited and better equipped for what was to come because of the information, spiritual guidance, and training we had received.  We also gained access to our Outbound checklist, a lengthy list of dates when items must be completed in order to become an official AIM missionary. We have been working on checking off these items since August 2017!

5/14/18: One of the biggest items on this list is financial clearance.  As of today, we have secured $4,015 of the required $5,800 we need in monthly support.  Monthly support is what holds up our family and sustains our ministry in Africa.  Our hearts and lives changed in 2013 when we started tithing to our local church. When we gave consistently, we started to care about the things God cares about. He really cares about loving people and that is our ministry.  We have been called to love some awesome teenagers while their parents are spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the continent of Africa.

6/14/18: On this random Thursday in June, we will receive a call from the home office of Africa Inland Mission. During the call, we will review our checklist to see if we have completed all that is necessary.  The date of this call has consumed our life recently because it is the last door we have to walk through to complete this process.

Will this happen?  Will we complete our final items and get financial clearance?  It is not really up to us because this calling came from God. There is more we must do, but God’s plans are greater than the plans we have for our life.  God is in complete control and we have to step back and allow God to work and complete this process.

One step we are taking to complete this process is an invitation to you.  We invite you to become a monthly ministry partner with our family. Some very amazing people have already starting giving on a monthly basis and we would love to have you join us!  Donate here or contact us with any questions you may have (jbscheirer@aimint.org).  If you can’t join us financially at this time, please pray God will raise up people who can support our ministry. We love you all and couldn’t do this without you.

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