Part 4: Consistent Change (Prayer)

The only thing that is constant is change. – Heraclitus For our dorm girls, Heraclitus’ statement appears to ring true.  Each school year, they pack up and head to another location a minimum of 12 times.  Students kick off Term 1 by coming to school and settling in.  Around 6 weeks later, they pack andContinue reading “Part 4: Consistent Change (Prayer)”

Part 3: Fullness (Meditation)

Our hearts were heavy.  We received limited details of two recent events and couldn’t quite grasp how or why these things had occurred.  A youth centre had mistakenly been attacked by about 10 armed men with machetes and guns, leaving those in the centre traumatized and shocked.  And earlier in the day a deadly attackContinue reading “Part 3: Fullness (Meditation)”

Part 2: Deeper Pursuit

Thankfully, we have 16 ninth and tenth grade girls who are venturing with us in this deeper pursuit.   At the end of Term 1, we asked the young women in our dorm to reflect on the year so far.  The answers to one of these questions inspired our current journey together.  Question: What isContinue reading “Part 2: Deeper Pursuit”

Part 1: Dazed and Confused

I could see it all happen as though in slow motion. The driver tried to slow down.  The rest of the flock and a few random cows had gotten out of the way on the busy street, but one particular sheep had no idea what was coming at him.  The huge blue worker man truckContinue reading “Part 1: Dazed and Confused”