Part 4: Consistent Change (Prayer)

The only thing that is constant is change. – Heraclitus

For our dorm girls, Heraclitus’ statement appears to ring true.  Each school year, they pack up and head to another location a minimum of 12 times.  Students kick off Term 1 by coming to school and settling in.  Around 6 weeks later, they pack and leave for midterm. After 3-4 days off campus, they return and settle in again.  The term ends with a huge dorm clean up and each girl packs their belongings into a storage closet. Upon arrival for Term 2, they unpack everything and move it (most likely) to a new room with a new roommate.  The cycle repeats for Term 2 and Term 3. We are often in awe of how the Lord helps these girls adapt!

Yet, it is not always smooth.  

Have you ever found yourself rooming with an unlikely match?  Trusting the nudging of the Holy Spirit in the area of roommate matching has been a requirement for us.  One match in particular left us audibly asking, “Really, Lord?” numerous times. But we trusted His guidance and felt an illogical peace.  It wavered temporarily as the pair settled into their new space…until the evening we prompted roommates to pray for each other.

The most questionable pair spent the longest time in prayer.   

Our focus on prayer involved this guidance for the roommate pairs:

-Ask your roommate about one area they would like prayer for

-pray for them as a person, not an object.  Have compassion.

-pray directly for them

-pray they would be protected from the evil one

-replace what you prayed for: ex, if someone has anxiety, pray for peace

We witnessed prayer change these girls hearts for one another.  When each gave some of themselves by sharing what could be prayed for and also took some of the weight of the other’s burden, a trust was built.  They returned to their space knowing their roommate cared and that the Lord would see them through.

Prayer shows us that through changing scenery and roommates, God is constant.  Comfort comes from knowing God always meets us where we are, no matter where we lay our heads at night.  

DO YOU CURRENTLY SPEND TIME IN PRAYER FOR THOSE WHO SHARE YOUR SPACE?  We pray being vulnerable and compassionate in prayer helps instill a greater trust in your roommate and the Lord.

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