Trusting Him


Bethel Road

Acts 1:7 “He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times and dates the Father has set by his own authority.”

Hey Everyone, we wanted to give you an update on what God has been doing in our life this month. It’s been up and down, Beth and the boys were sick at different times for over two weeks. The amazing part about this month is how God continued to move and opened more doors for our family.

We recently met with a realtor and have been preparing our house to put on the market at the end of March. We brought our sons Emmett and Watson home from the hospital to this house. Our dog Jasmine passed away in this house. For over seven years, it has been the base God provided us to grow into the Scheirer Family. People may wonder why we would sell our home. While having a place to call your own is awesome, we know home will be wherever God has us together as a family. Most importantly, selling our home will allow us to focus completely on our ministry in Africa.

Developing ministry partners is another focus right now. We are currently meeting with people to share what God is doing in our life and invite them to join us on the journey in the way of prayer and/or financial partnership.  By June 12, 2018 we have three goals, all of which are required for our ministry to begin in July.  We aim to secure:  

  1. A minimum of 100 prayer partners (committed to praying for our ministry on a weekly basis)
  2. A minimum of $35,000 in our Outgoing Fund (covers all expenses involved with getting us to Africa)
  3. Financial partners who are committed to sustaining our ministry ($5,800/month – covers health insurance, life insurance, housing & ministry expenses, and other benefits through Africa Inland Mission)

The key to our ministry’s long-term success is having prayers partners who pray over our family and financial partners who support our ministry on a consistent basis. If this ministry is something you would like to support, we would love to sit down and talk. If you live far away, we can always FaceTime or Skype.

Fighting illness, traveling for work, and preparing to sell our house, we were not sure how this month would turn out. We actually raised more support this month than in December or January.  God is faithful and we have learned to stand back and let Him work for He can do more than we could have ever imagined. Thank you for your interest in our ministry.



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